Meet the Founder

Sonia's Vokalized Kreations (SVK) was founded by Sonia Ballantyne ten years prior. It was originally founded in Orlando, FL. Her vision derived from her time she spent at a prestigious high school.  She confesses that she had to be quite creative when it came to gift giving for kids that “had it all”.  This is when her creativity started to flourish and soon after became lucrative.  Today she is an up and coming luxury gift kreation influencer.  When she's asked “what makes your gift arrangements so special”?  Her answer is simple, I sell a product that says everything that a person wants to say in an arrangement.  That’s why her slogan is  “gifts that speak for themselves”.


The mission of SVK is a unique one that can’t be duplicated.  We strive to be the influencers in the gift service industry.  We support other unique small businesses.  That is the focal point of our business.  We are not only bridging the gaps within the small business community, but we are giving you a creative flair and uniqueness.  We are a trusted brand that strives for perfection when it comes to your special recipient(s).  

All of our gift kreations are curated with care and attention to detail. We also offer unique signature items designed with functionality in mind.

sonia ballantyne svk
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