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Craft Black Tea

Craft Black Tea

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Apolis Craft Tea is an organic, premium quality black tea made from carefully selected tea leaves and crafted with expertise. It contains no added preservatives or artificial ingredients and is a natural source of health-promoting antioxidants. Enjoy the perfect cup every time for a healthy, energizing boost.


Coconut Chai

Origin:  House Blend
Flavor:  coconut, spices, vanilla

Not really a traditional blend but so good!  This blend of organic black tea, creamy coconut and traditional chai spices brews a warming, hearty cup that is tasty black or with milk and sugar.  


Victorian Cream 

Origin:  House Blend
Flavor:  lavender, vanilla, rose

A rich blend of organic black teas with a generous helping of lavender blossoms and rose petals with creamy vanilla. Drink it black or with a splash of milk.  It is especially tasty next to the fire while reading Emily Bronte.


Sweet Cream Earl Grey

Origin:  House Blend
Flavor:  vanilla, cream, citrus

Our blend of organic black teas with bright cold-pressed bergamot oil, creamy vanilla, and a touch of floral orange blossom brews a totally different cup of Earl Grey!  Drink it black or with milk and sugar any time you need a little pick-me-up.  Blended with 94% organic ingredients.



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